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Lava bracelet with colorful beads

A bracelet made of ground lava beads along with seven colored beads to strengthen the chakras.

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    Lava stone is the oldest stone on earth. Glowing lava rises to the earth's surface, where it cools in the presence of oxygen and small bubbles form in it. After cooling, the structure of the stone is porous and black in color. The resulting mineral is called basalt and it is mostly found at the bottom of the ocean.


    Material: lava stones, beads

    Fastening: none, the bracelet is on elastic rubber

    Size: suitable for women's or narrower men's hands.

    Color: lava stone is black in color. Color-toned beads are stacked next to each other according to how the individual chakras are behind each other. The surrounding metal components are bronze in color with a patina.

    Please note: this bracelet has center colored beads only synthetically made, in our offer you can find lava bracelets with natural cut stones.

    Chakra means "WHEEL" in Sanskrit and is best thought of as small pinwheels. There are 7 chakras in the body of every person, which are responsible for the flow of life-giving energy in the body. Cosmic energy flows in and out through these chakras. The basic duty of every person should be to consciously maintain all 7 seven chakras in balance and harmony, as any imbalance results in illness, first on the invisible (astral) level and finally on the physical level in the form of diseases.

    • 1st chakra - root, basic - MULADHARA - between the anus and genitals
    • 2nd chakra – sexual, sacral – SVADHISTANA – in the upper part of the cross, at the level of the lower abdomen
    • 3rd chakra – solar, umbilical – MANIPURA – two fingers above the navel
    • 4th chakra – heart – ANAHATA – in the middle of the chest
    • 5th chakra – neck – VIŠUDDHI – between the neck pit and the bite
    • 6th chakra – frontal, third eye – finger above the bridge of the nose, in the middle between the eyebrows
    • 7th chakra – crown – SAHASRARA – top of the head, just above the head

    Affirmation: when putting on the bracelet, say to yourself or imagine: " my chakras return to a state of natural harmony and their energy is like a river that flows freely".

    I am whole/whole and gas together with divine energy.

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