Where do I switch language and currency?

You can switch the language version in Czech, Slovak and English in the upper right corner of the e-shop.

In the same corner you can choose the currency CZK or EUR.

Where is your e-shop from?

We are a Czech online store that was established in 2009. The store was originally established depending on the dance studio that operated in Český Těšín. There was also a sales warehouse.

In 2011, however, we moved to new premises with larger storage facilities and ended the possibility of personal collection. Ordering and eventually returning unsuitable goods is now so easy that a sales warehouse is no longer needed.

Since 2010, we have been sending all goods from our range also to Slovakia.

In 2021, we completely redesigned our e-shop and switched to a more modern look with a clearer offer of our assortment and added an English language version.

Since 2022, we have been sending goods to other neighboring European countries.

Originally, we only had an assortment for belly dancers, later we gradually expanded our offer to include other goods. Mostly it was hand in hand with our trip around the world and the search for new manufacturers and suppliers. Now in our offer you will find not only oriental goods, but also ethno clothing, Feng Shui and esoteric assortment, home decoration, costume jewelry and jewelry made of precious stones and silver, natural cosmetics, exercise accessories and also a large selection of dance clothes and accessories for many types of dances .

Our main manufacturers of oriental dance clothes are mainly family companies from Egypt, Turkey, India and Pakistan. By purchasing these goods, we help these small businesses with their livelihoods.

We wrote more information in a previous article about how Covid has complicated our cooperation with these countries.

Also in our offer you will find goods from Thailand (especially ethno clothing) and from China, which has been producing really what we want lately. However, we have contracted only three main TOP manufacturers of high-quality goods from China, who regularly send us goods in perfect quality so that we can provide you with a mandatory two-year warranty, we must offer only TOP materials.

We take a large part of the goods ourselves, but many photos are sent to us by the manufacturers. These photos are often misused on foreign sales portals, but 90% of them are a completely different company, which just used the image and copied the cut, material and the whole processing is completely different and insufficient.

We have only originals in our offer and if in exceptional cases we were forced by the competition to insert cheaper goods with lower quality workmanship, then we always write in the description of goods sometimes directly in the name that it is an imitation of this and that goods with lower quality processing from another manufacturer but in the same cut.

Where and when will the goods come to me?

We always send the goods directly from us from the warehouse in the Czech Republic (unless the customer wishes otherwise).

We also send goods to other countries in the EU, but always from us from a warehouse in the Czech Republic. As soon as we receive your order, we prepare it and ship it without delay, or if something from your order is missing, we will wait until the remaining goods come to our warehouse or let our manufacturers make goods that are sewn to order and only after they come to our warehouse. , We carefully package your complete order and send it from the warehouse. The delivery time of the complete order is therefore based on the goods that had the longest delivery time stated in the description. In the vast majority, however, it is no later than 3 weeks after sending the order.

Will you let me know the status of my order?

Yes, the e-shop automatically sends you a message to the e-mail you entered in the order after the completion and successful sending of your order. First you will receive an e-mail confirming your order, or instructions for payment by bank transfer, and if you have ordered goods that are not currently in stock, you will also receive an e-mail. He will not contact you while waiting for the goods, unless we have a problem with the delivery of some goods, for example, the manufacturer no longer has this color or size, and in that case we will write or call you and offer a similar variant.

You can also see the details of the order status after logging in to your account - if you have created one with us.

As soon as we have the entire order complete for you, we will ship the goods. On the day of dispatch, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that we have handed over your order to the carrier. Subsequently, the carrier will inform you (depending on which one you have chosen), which will let you know by e-mail or SMS with the code (for example, Mailroom, etc.).

If it happened to you that you did not receive an order confirmation e-mail, then you either have an account with Gmail.com, which throws all these automatic e-shop messages directly into spam or bulk messages (in this case, first check these folders or type the word IMIX into the search engine), or you entered the wrong e-mail when sending the order. In this case, contact us at our e-mail (imix-eshop@seznam.cz) and write to us that you have not received an order confirmation and we will solve this problem and correct your e-mail.

How will I pay?

We ship goods via Mail Order to many European countries such as: Czech Republic (our country), Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Greece and Croatia.

Payment for these orders is always required only in advance.

The price of transport is automatically calculated in the cart for these European countries.

If the weight or size of the order is above standard, the price of transport may change, in which case we would inform you and agree on the next procedure or division of the order into several smaller parts.

If you are a customer from a country other than the one to which we are currently sending, you can also contact us, we will be happy to calculate the price of transport to your country. Alternatively, we can arrange for the goods to be delivered to your address directly from the manufacturer.

How do I find out which goods you have in stock?

Already at the time of purchase, you can check for each item and individual color or size, whether the color and size you have selected is in stock or is on order and in how many days you can expect it. First, it is written in writing on a line called Availability, for goods that have multiple color variants, you can see the stock availability at a glance thanks to the frame around the colored dot. When the box around the colored dot is green, it means that the goods in stock, when red, are not in stock now and are on order. See picture:


Then you will see this information again in your shopping cart, where you can also clearly see for each individual item whether it is in stock or not. See. picture:


And you will also know that if something from your order was not in stock and you did not notice it in the previous information or you plan to order more pieces of the same goods (and unfortunately the system does not recognize whether there is a sufficient amount of goods in stock) then you Information will be sent to the e-mail that some of your order was not in stock and that your order will therefore be delayed. If you do not want to wait for your choice of goods this time, then contact us by e-mail (imix-eshop@seznam.cz) and you can either ask what we do not have in stock from your order. We will find out as soon as possible and write you what was not in stock and allow you to either modify the goods in the order or change yes to cancel the order partially or completely according to your wishes. The order can also be divided - see. question no.5.

Can I cancel, edit or split my order?

At the moment of sending the order, it becomes binding. However, in most cases, we allow customers to cancel the order while waiting for their goods and thus until you receive an e-mail informing you that your order has been sent. Only goods that have been placed in production to order cannot be returned or canceled if such an order has already been placed in production for sewing.

Therefore, please think carefully whether you are really interested in the goods before sending your order.

You can modify the order (unless it is a change of tailor-made, the production of which has already started) at any time while waiting for your order. You can change the goods in your order only by writing to us by e-mail. Write us the order number directly so that we know what it is and the change you need to make in the order.

You can add even more goods to your open pending order at any time while waiting for the order. Ideally, by sending another order to which you write in the comment that you wish to merge your orders into one. Please also write this information to us by e-mail (imix-eshop@seznam.cz) so that we do not miss this information. You will pay only one postage (or none at all if the amount for the goods has reached the limit for free shipping). However, keep in mind that if you have ordered additional goods that are not in stock, the entire process of sending the order will be extended until we have the entire order complete for you to ship.

Split orders - If you are interested in splitting your order and wish to send part of the goods that are in stock immediately and the rest after, it is also possible. In this case, however, you will have to pay postage. If your order is above the amount needed to send it for free, then you have one free postage from us, but you must pay the other yourself. If the order is with a higher amount and you are entitled to double shipping for free, we will pay both postage. But it is better (better clear for us) if in such a case you send two separate orders, one for the goods that are in stock and we will be able to ship it immediately and the other for the goods that are on order.

How do I choose a size?

Most of our range consists of dance, fitness clothing and casual wear, and these are either made in one size, the dimensions of which are usually not very large and fit for smaller ready-made sizes and are precisely described in the product description. Or we have these clothes divided by size. You will then find your size in the attached size table.

If you did not find a table of sizes for any goods, neither in the description nor among the pictures, please let us know. When we switched to a new e-shop in 2021, not all the size tables were transferred to us from the old e-shop, and even though we are trying to gradually restore them all, some could have escaped us. We will be happy if you write us where the description of individual sizes is missing and we will correct it immediately and enter the exact dimensions.

You will then easily find the one that is ideal for you. We have our goods sewn by the best manufacturers of dance clothes and these clothes are sewn from high-quality materials and connected with an elastic thread in the seams. This allows the dancers to move freely and be sure that everything will be as it should be during the dance and the dress will not tighten anywhere.

Casual wear should also be selected according to the tables. Our offer of textiles imported from India and Thailand is wide, although the materials are usually not flexible there, because the main material is Rajon, which is not flexible, but again these manufacturers have a very loose cut of all clothes. And last but not least, we would like to remind you that you can contact us at any time by e-mail (imix-eshop@seznam.cz) and ask for advice on size. For the many years that we have been selling these goods, we know exactly what we can recommend for you and we are happy to do so. And not only with size, we are happy to advise on the selection of accessories, jewelry, color tuning, such as dance costumes, etc. Anyone who has contacted us in the past with questions about the goods knows that we are always friendly to the customer and we will advise him very well.

Regarding the sizes for children, the size table is also given for the children's dresses and costumes. If the baby is fuller, then choose a larger size. Other times you are looking for a dance dress for a girl 170 cm tall and we recommend you choose in the women's collection. For girls over 150 cm who are not very thin, you can easily choose from the women's assortment, then orient yourself according to what dresses have a cut across the breasts and so that they do not have, for example, bra cups that the girl would still have free.

You often ask us how to proceed if you have an atypical character. For example, a very narrow waist but very large hips, or very large breasts but a small chest circumference or a large waist circumference but short legs and a small height. We are able to dress all sizes because we have many goods from our (especially oriental dance) assortment sewn only on the basis of an order and many of them can be made to measure.

In our section for oriental dancers you will find a category called Prophets and tailor-made, there you can also choose. You can also contact us and we will be happy to recommend a fitting costume and advise you on how to measure yourself correctly.

What if the goods I received do not fit?

If you are interested in returning unsuitable goods, please always inform us first on our e-mail (imix-eshop@seznam.cz) and wait for our response.

We will then write you the easiest return procedure. In most European countries, we have a return office branch available.

The return service is charged at the price for the returned packages of this company names Zásilkovna or via regular mail. However, it is necessary to return the goods to our country Czech Republic for our warehouse.

If you received damaged goods, contact us immediately.

If the package looks deformed already during delivery, do not accept this package from the carrier and announce that you will not accept the damaged package. This package will be returned to us and we will send it to you again without surcharges.

I did not find what I am looking for in your offer, can you get it for me?

Yes, we can also supply goods that we do not have in our permanent offer. Every week, our manufacturers send us a catalog of new models of beautiful goods, especially dance costumes and dresses. These are often limited collections that are only produced at one time and cannot be ordered once sold out. We add only a small part of their offer to our offer on the e-shop. Mostly just the goods that are not a limited collection and that we know will be produced for some time to come.

But it is not a problem for us to fulfill almost any wish for you. You often call us saying that you need special goods for your special project.

How can I see your news and what is the heart?

If you want to see the latest products, you can click on one of the links - see. red arrow.

We also inform our customers about our news on Facebook, and when there is a special event, we send customers an information e-mail. So you can register to receive news at the bottom of the e-shop.


If you like some of the goods from our offer and you want to store them for the next time, you can use the FAVORITES function, which is a small heart that you will find in the upper right corner of the e-shop and then for each item in our offer. All you have to do is click on this heart for the goods you like and the product will be automatically saved in your Favorites section, which you will then find easily and quickly on the heart in the upper right bar after logging in to your account. To use this feature, you must be registered in our e-shop.

picture 2

Sending packages to other European countries

Since 2022, we have been sending goods to other European countries than just the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We can send the package anywhere in Europe. In the e-shop, we have preset the countries to which we send most often via the Mail Order.

Goods cannot be sent cash on delivery. We require payment in advance to a bank account or preferably payment online through a payment gateway.

Your shipment will not be sent until we have it ready for you. Well, find out if all the goods from your order were in stock, if not, then we will have these goods produced by our manufacturers. We will send you a package when we have everything ready for you in one package.

We will inform you on the day of sending your shipment.

You can currently order goods with delivery to the following countries via our e-shop:

Germany - (Dispensing point 4 Eur, home to the address 7 Eur)

Hungary - (Dispensing point 4 Eur, home to the address 6 Eur)

Poland - (Dispensing point 4 Eur, home to the address 5 Eur)

Slovenia - (Dispensing point 6 Eur, home to the address 8 Eur)

Romania - (Dispensing point 4 Eur, home to the address 7 Eur)

Bulgaria - (Dispensing point 6 Eur, home to the address 8 Eur)

Estonia - (Dispensing point 8 Eur, home to the address 12 Eur)

Latvia - (Dispensing point 8 Eur, home to the address 12 Eur)

Lithuania - (Dispensing point 7 Eur, home to the address 12 Eur)

France - home delivery to 12 Eur

Spain - home delivery to 9 Eur

Portugal - home delivery to 8 Eur

Belgium - home delivery to 9 Eur

The Netherlands - home delivery to the address 14 Eur

Denmark - home delivery to 12 Eur

Sweden - home delivery to 12 Eur

Finland - home delivery to the address 16 Eur

Greece - home delivery to 12 Eur

Croatia - home delivery to 8 Eur

If you have not found the country where you wish to send the goods here, you can contact us and we will price the price of transport according to the price list of the Czech Post or another carrier.

However, in the case of returning the goods, it is necessary to send the unsuitable goods back to our warehouse address in the Czech Republic.

For some nearby countries (those where there is a delivery point for the Mailbox) it is possible to return the package again via the delivery point for a low fee (according to the Mailbox's price list).

However, always inform us by e-mail before returning the goods, we will send you a proposal for the cheapest transport options from your country to the Czech Republic.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

Dear customers, we try to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible and we care very much about your satisfaction.

If you did not find the answer to your question among the most frequently asked questions, then you can best contact us directly to our e-mail: imix-eshop@seznam.cz ,  or you can also use our contact form or a pop-up window with a bubble in the lower right corner (SmartsUpp application).

A few tips in conclusion:

We would also like to recommend our Facebook, where we regularly let our customers know what is new with us or what the event is currently taking place (however, do not send your questions there, use an e-mail or telephone contact for a faster answer).

You can also be inspired here on the pages of the Photo Gallery of Satisfied Customers section.

We also send information to our customers from time to time if they have agreed to receive the newsletter or if you have entered your e-mail in the news subscription box in the lower left corner of the e-shop.

Thank you for visiting our store and we believe that you will be satisfied with us and our goods.

IMIX e-shop team

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