Dear customers,

We'd like to give you a few reasons why you should choose our store for your purchases.

Stable company with a long history

- The online store was established in 2009, named IMIX - which is the first day of the Mayan calendar, symbolizing an ancient dragon. The figure of this dragon occurs in myths about the creation of the world, it is the first creature from the sea, but it can also symbolize the water lily, which according to the Maya is the first flower in the world. For this reason, we used the red dragon symbol in our dance studio and we have now chosen the water lily symbol for our e-shop.

The symbolic blooming water lily now also adorns our new logo.

We have been dressing oriental dancers since 2009, and we have gradually expanded our range to include ethno clothing and accessories. In 2021, we changed the look of the site and further expanded our range.

Modern Shopping

- after many years of experience, in the new e-shop we focused on how best to make shopping easier for our customers. Now with us you can immediately see which goods and in what colors are or are not in stock. The goods are divided into many very clear, pictorial categories. We have a lot of new features, for example, you can save goods that you like with one click on the heart next to the description of goods and then these goods are saved in a folder in your account (visible after logging in). You can also share goods that you like on all social networks. Also evaluate them and read the comments of the evaluators in front of you. You can also ask us anything at any time via chat (icon at the bottom right) - even if we are not online, we will read and answer your question soon. You also have a box for products with a question about a specific product. We try to write our Blog with a focus on our range, maybe here you will find information that you did not know yet. The blog has actually become such a modern magazine of today's century. The whole shopping is now very easy, there is no need to register (although you get many benefits by registering), the whole process of sending an order is now in a one-page modern form.


- is a good business card of our online store. Reliable service, decent behavior and compliance with the law is the alpha / omega for a satisfied customer. The customer comes first with us! We pay maximum attention and attention to every order. We value every customer and it is our wish that he buys from us again and is happy to return to our store.

Largest assortment of goods

- we offer the widest range of goods on our market related to the needs of belly dancing, oriental costumes and accessories for all types of oriental dances. Not only dance goods, you will find many other oriental accessories here, but also clothes for other types of dance and exercise.

Goods in stock

- with us you can find goods in stock, which can be sent immediately. We try to have everything in stock from at least one color. We always have the best-selling goods in stock in all colors. Now you can immediately see whether the goods are in stock or not.

However, our warehouse is not inflatable and our range is huge, so there are many items to order, which we purchase directly from the manufacturers. We also have many tailor-made for you.

Delivery time is always clearly stated. However, if you are in a hurry for the goods, contact us, we will recommend similar goods, which are in stock for immediate dispatch.

Quality of goods

- is a priority for us and that is why we offer quality goods. We check new types of costumes and clothing to see if the material is comfortable, strong and flexible enough. All costumes, skirts and pants that we have in our offer are made of absolutely pleasant material. Some goods, especially those made in China (such as silk props or LED lighting) have many manufacturers and their processing in terms of material and quality has huge differences, which is also reflected in the price. Previously, we had in our offer only goods of the highest TOP quality from our verified manufacturers, but due to great competition, we also added to our offer of cheaper goods from other manufacturers with lower processing quality (for example, fewer LEDs or machine sewn veils instead of manual bottling and hand stitching, such as fringe strips with a smaller number of fringes, less perfect color transitions of batik silk products, different weight and processing of silk props, etc.).

So here you will find, for example, in the picture almost the same looking scarf or silk props or Led wings, but we always state here in the description whether it is a professional product of the highest quality or a more affordable version of another manufacturer.

We will advise you on the selection

- We'll be happy to advise you on your choice. On the one hand, we have many years of experience in dressing oriental dancers, and on the other hand, we know our goods, so we know exactly how to assemble a costume correctly. Our make-up artist can advise you free of charge on the choice of color according to the type of your skin, hair and with regard to your figure. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, preferably by e-mail, where we can immediately send you links to recommended goods.

We are very happy to get after you write that you were satisfied. We appreciate any feedback and reviews.

It is not uncommon for us to inform the customer proactively when we see in the warehouse that the goods selected by him do not match each other, for example in a shade of one color, which the customer does not recognize via the Internet.

Orders on the NONSTOP e-shop

- Convenient shopping from home 24 hours. daily, without the need for any registration.

Gift for every purchase

- We send gifts to you with each purchase, the value of the gift is derived from the size of your purchase. We also send gifts if you send us a photo in our goods.

Delivery throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia

- we will deliver the goods to you throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia to you at the address specified in the order.

We can also send the goods to you in most European countries.

Postage according to Czech Post prices.

Dispatch of goods in the shortest possible time

- we ship the goods in the shortest possible time, depending on stock availability at our warehouse or at the manufacturer. Goods that are in stock - we ship NOW.

Money Back Guarantee

- if you are not satisfied with the goods, you can return it undamaged in the original packaging within 14 days without giving reasons. You can now use the Mailroom for this return, where for the lowest possible price you can give us goods that do not fit or you do not like to return without any problems.

Quick complaint handling

- if the goods are damaged from production or there is a defect in the material, then we will refund your money (we follow the applicable laws). If you want to exchange the goods, then we will replace the damaged goods immediately and we will send the new goods with free postage and we will also pack a small gift as an apology.

Cheapest postage

- We ship goods through several carriers and we can guarantee you the lowest postage. We do not charge packaging and therefore also the cost of packaging material.

Best conditions for sending to Slovakia

- we have prepared a unique offer for customers from Slovakia. We offer the cheapest postage, without any surcharges for currency conversion! You can choose from several modes of transport and payment. It is also not a problem to return unsuitable goods to us via the Mailroom.

We are direct importers

- for most of our range (for all dance goods, jewelry and most esoteric and ethno clothing and accessories) we are direct importers. We have contracted manufacturers in India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Egypt and Thailand, from whom we purchase goods or have the goods manufactured directly to our customers to measure or according to our own designs.

We also know many of our manufacturers personally, so we help small craftsmen. Our manufacturer in Pakistan also gives job opportunities to small traders in Afghanistan who process old discarded coins to decorate new dance costumes.

Thank you for choosing our store.

IMIX e-shop team

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