What you must have on vacation!

Packing out to sea is a fun thing, because we're looking forward to imagining what we're going to do there, and we're also choosing what we're going to pack with.

In this article, I will not remind you not to forget to take mobile phone chargers, medicines or sewing machines, nothing like that. Our website and assortment in the e-shop is intended for 90% of women (hand on heart, it's us too, women who pack suitcases for the whole family).

I don't know if you have it the same as I do, but I'm an expert in packaging. After leaving home and driving in a crowded car, no one is allowed to talk to me and I wonder if we really have everything, after which my husband turns towards the crowded car and says:

" Don't worry, darling, as I can see in the back, we really have EVERYTHING ".

Yes, that's right, I pack a lot of things and I don't even need most. After several years of hauling overcrowded luggage and the birth of two children, I became an even greater expert in packaging. I can fill suitcases incredibly well, as when playing Tetris, just every space is filled with either a roll of paper or a spare brush or sunscreen. Gone are the days when I had one whole (sometimes two) big suitcase just for myself. Today, my suitcase is packed with things for children and there is only a small piece of space left for my fashion.

And so I bring you some tips for perfect pieces that you must not forget about the sea and which are really worth having.


In the first place it is Sárong - or also pareo , it's a perfect thing, soft material and most importantly incredibly compact, it fits into every suitcase, it's a cake, you can even roll it into a roll and it will really come in handy on holiday several times. I take it in my hand luggage on the plane, because you can throw it over your shoulders when getting on / off the plane, you can cover your legs with it on the plane, cover two sleeping children at once, wipe off sweat or, in the worst case, wipe up spilled drinks :-) After arriving at the place, you will Sárong tie around you in a swimsuit (you won't see your white still tanned skin) and boldly head to the beach. There are many ties sárongu , below you can be inspired by several ties. As your body gets tanned day by day, you will no longer wear the sarong not as a dress but around your waist as a wrap-around skirt with a large knot resembling Hawaiian women.

On the beach, you throw sarong over a lounger or directly on the sand as a nice pad, it looks much better than a towel, dries very quickly and well and is incredibly pleasant to the body. You can throw it over a parasol for more shading and on the way from the beach you can throw it over your burnt shoulders. And the list of its uses still does not end, I have helped me so many times during the time I have it! For example, in Egypt we had him thrown over the climate in the room, the sarong rose and let the air out slowly and it didn't blow my neck. in Greece they didn't have curtains again, so as a proper Czech koumák I stretched a sarong and because I always carry my clothes pegs it was quickly after the problem and you could sleep beautifully even during the day.

And I certainly don't have to tell you how to change wet swimsuits on the beach :-) I hate wearing wet swimsuits, so I always change them and sarong makes me a perfect visor when there is no changing room nearby.

In Crete it blows a lot at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, there I wore a lighter pareo (it is thinner and smaller than sarongs) again as a turban or curled into a thin roll like a scarf over my ears when it was unbearable. At the same time, its ends fluttered elegantly, and with sunglasses and a long summer batik dress on the straps, I felt really great walking around the beach, as if I were born there ...


Another essential thing you need to have with you is the wonderful multifunctional Kariza - what is kariza? Do you hear the word for the first time? It's also sometimes called a magic skirt, it's really magical because it can be tied in 100 ties! Yes, I managed about 30 and I only remember about 10 of them without instructions, but it's still the most multifunctional clothing I've ever had. Nothing more is needed. Indeed, I dare say that one good color Kariza is enough and you have something new to wear every night. There are really so many ways to tie it. Was it a brilliant idea that one day attacked an Indian man or woman? I don't know who was behind it. Maybe a poor Indian woman who needed to make up clothes for her teenage daughter who begged her parents for new and new clothes. Or it was a man who didn't like pulling his wife so many suitcases of rags for every vacation :-D Either way, just some clever head invented Kariza - a multifunctional skirt / dress / top.

As an aid, we send a printed step-by-step guide to the basic ties for each Kariza.


Another fashion accessory is a piece of jewelry, an ornament on a tanned hand, whether it is a bracelet made of cut stone beads or an elegant stylish chain glove. Sure, there will probably be a lot of stalls where you can buy something like that, but of course it's a lot more expensive, so I recommend saving money for nice unforgettable dinners together and bringing your own jewelry. After all, we have a full e-shop with a price often lower than the domestic loaf of bread :-D

Summer dress or loose pants

Yes, I wrote that if you have Kariza, you don't have to have anything else. However, if you would like something more summer to wear, then we recommend that you take a look at our sections with this range. It is always good to have loose pants if it gets cold in the evening. However, stylish beaches, such as some of these.

Also, if you have the aforementioned Kariza tied like a skirt, you need to have a top (if not the top of the swimsuit for the bolder). And for chubby we have probably the largest selection of ethno summer clothes in the Czech Republic, you will see for yourself when you look at UNI-sized dresses from our offer HERE.

And a tip for selections at the end, they weigh the least and are also the best foldable things made of silk. It's like a feather, most of it is with an admixture of polyester so that the material is strengthened and not torn, for example, just a torn nail or a sharp ring.

Beautiful video for inspiration on how to tie Kariza or Sárong (pareo) can be found HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlyY6qdQGFk

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