What are the purposes of orgonites?

Orgonities are a unique helper for harmonizing yourself and your surroundings and more.

A brief overview of orgonite function:

- converts negative energy into positive energy.
- cleans the atmosphere, detoxifies water.
- helps plants, which then grow better (it also repels pests and requires less water).
- alleviates the harmful effects of EMP!
- inspires, balances emotions, happier moods.
- often helps to cure insomnia and chronic nightmares.
- helps to awaken your innate senses

More detailed description of orgonites:

Orgonite is a mixture of resin, metal (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze or iron) chips, precious stones and no orgonite must lack a piece of crystal. By mixing and shaping them, a "living stone" is created, which positively influences its surroundings, transforms negative energy into positive energy. Imagine a box into which negative energy enters, which is immediately shattered by metal chips and then transformed and positively charged thanks to the crystal and its energy amplified by other precious stones contained according to their main properties and effects. Thanks to the contained
metal chips, the energy is constantly in motion, it never stops, it always flows and, like the spring breeze, it cleans and ventilates all the spaces around it. Works very well against electrosmog.

Orgonite generates universal life energy - orgon, also known as life force, qi, prana.

How does orgonite work?

Orgonite works always and everywhere. Whether you believe it or not. Whether you feel its energy or not. He always works to improve and clean the energy around us. We tested our orgonites on a number of our friends and acquaintances, and even the sworn "refusers" felt the heat spreading and the gentle throbbing after holding the orgonite in a closed palm for a while.

Orgonite transforms all negative energy into positive energy, purifying its surroundings, objects, flowers, pets and, of course, people. Orgonite changes our subtle body and converts it into higher vibrations. The first
use of orgonite can be very strong for more sensitive individuals, some literally feel a "kick" of energy and subsequent very strong pulsation.

How to use orgonite?

It is ideal to always have an orgonite with you as a personal talisman, preferably still in your pocket or in the form of a pendant or ring. It is good to hold Orgonite in the palm of your hand whenever you feel tired, depressed, annoyed or angry. Orgonite very effectively drains negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. Orgonite can be applied to painful areas of the body, soothes all pain, harmonizes and soothes. When harmonizing the chakras, the orgonite is gradually applied to the individual energy places and allowed to "act" for a while. You will always feel a gentle tingle, a feeling of warmth and a rush of soft energy. Orgonite can also be used as a charger for personal stones and stone jewelry, just place them on orgonite and let it work. The stones will tell themselves how much negative energy they give up and how much positive energy they receive.

Where to use orgonites, where to place them?

Give your home plenty of orgonite energy. There should be an orgonite in every corner in each room, each electrical appliance should have its own small orgonite. There is also a suitable place in the bedroom, orgonites provide intensive treatment during sleep, when we do not consciously resist and bring us a more peaceful sleep, more dreams and much more energy in the morning.

Give your flowers orgonites, then grow better, to greater heights and faster. Vegetables supported by orgonite growth are larger, taste better and less attacked by pests. Fruit trees bear more fruit.

Pets love orgonites and accept them with joy. Our three cats basically lie down on the desk for orgonite ????

Orgonites can also be donated to nature, they are especially suitable for large trees, ideally buried to the roots, where thanks to the root system, orgone energy reaches great distances. You can also treat orgonites where you intuitively feel bad and negative energy, they can be places where something bad has happened in history, they can be burial grounds, execution sites, places of murder or other acts of violence.

Orgonite can also be placed next to streams and rivers (not directly into the water). Thanks to the earth's humidity, the energy spreads very well again and even a small orgonite will literally work miracles. Particularly suitable places are also at the foot of the transmitters,
where orgonites successfully eliminate electrosmog and electric radiation.

Which orgonite to choose?

At the moment we offer several types of orgonites, it is always necessary to look at the composition of individual pieces and choose according to the effects we want.

For example, orgonites suitable for placement to electrical appliances will be selected from those that contain shungite , to unblock trauma and emotional problems, and with love we choose the ones that have roses or pink tourmaline.

Shungit pyramids (and it doesn't have to be orgonite) absorb electromagnetic radiation on their own. It is a material that also very successfully purifies water (as we wrote in the previous article).

How do I verify that orgonite works?

The effect of orgonite can be verified by a pendulum, more sensitive individuals
feel its effect in the form of spreading heat and fine armor.

How long does orgonite work?

Due to its composition, Orgonite is self-cleaning and self-charging and does not lose its strength. The more you use it, the better you will tune in to it and the better it will work.

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