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The unique charm of the ancient art of belly dancing is the secret of the exotic orient, and nothing adds more impact to your dance performance like a beautiful veil!

A light free-flowing dance veil is the most common prop used for oriental dancers' performances. It will cover the dancer with secrets, add a perfect atmosphere and help reveal the inner goddess of each dancer (who will learn to use the veil correctly).

Although the veil is written very deeply in the minds of Europeans as a dance prop, the reality is quite different. In the countries of the Orient, the veil is worn as a normal part of clothing, it is not used for dancing. The first pioneer of veil dance was the famous Egyptian dancer Samia Gamal in the 20th century. Her innovation in dance consisted mainly in receiving the best from her dance masters. She was actually "pushed" to use the veil by a Russian prima ballerina, with whom she was learning at the time. She told her that if she held a piece of cloth while dancing, her hands would be graceful and more beautiful. Before long, the veil dance gradually spread among Egyptian dancers.

There are many dance veils , they differ in shape, material and decoration. Different types of dance require different types of veil. For example, silk veils are not suitable for fast dances, because they flutter slowly and their beauty stands out especially in slower handling when this ultra-fine fiber has time to show its lightness and airiness as a feather that you let fall slowly.

Zato šifónové ( polyester fiber) veils are ideal for quick creations, especially those that glide well when dancing. They glide perfectly, but at the same time they are very light new materials made as imitation silk - these retain a thin layer, but the transparency is brighter, smoother and a little heavier than the real silk. However, they are much more easy to maintain and are very durable (there is no risk of rubbing the thread as with silk).

Let's not forget to mention the giant veils Melaya , whose importance in the dance is to imitate fishing nets, and the original dances with Melaya are to imitate these fishermen in the hunt.

Also used for belly dancing head veils . Newly emerging types of dances have also given opportunities to manufacturers, and the range of veil props is constantly expanding. Modern Chinese dancers have prepared their interesting choreographies from Chinese folk traditional silk ribbons on a pole. Also unique were created according to the fire show unique < span style = "text-decoration: underline; color: # 8f28fe;"> ball veils. These veils are attached to a special ball on a spinning chain that is heavy enough to so that she could spin with her and she tightened a long thin veil behind her and the dancers thus become almost jugglers during their performances.

Poi závoje

For the traditional Egyptian dance Raks Sharqi, the veil is usually used only at the beginning of the dance, then it is discarded and the dance continues. The above-mentioned head veil can be used for this, which is usually decorated and can be held under the eyes and cover the face with it at the beginning of the performance, or have only veiled hair (loosely lowered on the head) or veiled hair and one more hold the end in front of the face and gradually reveal to the audience or possibly shrouded only the shoulders when entering the stage and in the first bars of music. This is mainly about the effect and the first impression, so the veil can have any shape and it is good if it has decorated edges.

For the Turkish style of dance, you will need a large rectangle, ideally made of the lightest material possible. Turkish dancers do not throw off the veil, but keep it throughout the dance, although for some time they may have it wrapped around the body, tucked behind the hem of the skirt, etc. This style is characterized by the veil swirling - constantly moving. It must therefore be very light and one that is easy and simple to handle, excellent for these purposes are just veils made of real silk .

In our offer you will find directly a gigantic selection of all veils and above all we have a huge offer silk veils, which we have produced in all sizes. Production is usually custom made according to the customer's wishes. Narrower silk veils can be tied to Poi balls and during the dance they can be easily untied and continue only with the veil or vice versa.

Shorter veils are suitable for girls who have a shorter arm span.

The dancer most often chooses a veil for classical dance by measuring the span of her hands from thumb to other thumb and adding about 20 cm to the size on each side. Women of smaller and medium size are usually added to the size of about 200 cm and taller women of 220 cm. They choose this dimension in our offer of veils.

We have been offering props for belly dancers for sale since 2009.

There is a lot of silk on the market, you do not know the difference in the picture, only after you have the product in your hand and you can see big differences in silk fiber processing, lower quality silk products have gaps between silk fibers, poorly connected transitions individual colors or spots and spots of one color in another color. The price also depends on the processing and quality. They differ not only in the quality of the yarn but also in the quality of the color, some manufacturers have a special device for fixing the color to increase the gloss and fix the colors. See a picture comparing two veils from our offer, each from a different manufacturer, on the left the highest quality with gloss, gradual color transition and perfectly thin fine fiber without spacing, on the right matte veils without fixing colors with fine but very prone silk to shift the fiber and creating empty stripes in the fabric.

We try to offer our customers both variants, we take silk props from five manufacturers from India, China and Pakistan. In our offer you can find flawless luxury silk and props made from it, but also more affordable variants with lower quality - we always have exactly written about the quality of the goods.

So you never buy a "hare in a sack" with us, we rely on a good name and we are glad that our customers have been coming back to us with confidence for many years.

We will be happy to advise each customer on the selection and offer the best solution for their needs.

We are most pleased when customers write us positive feedback emails and send their photos in our goods.

We wish you much joy in dancing.

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