Symbolism of rings

Rings are not just an ornament, but have long served primarily as a symbol of a certain meaning.

For example, according to Greek mythology, the rings are meant to commemorate the heroism of Titan Prometheus, who stole a divine fire for people and was then punished for it by chaining to a rock. He was then freed by the hero Heracles, but as a reminder of his punishment he had to wear on his finger as a ring a link of a chain, by which he had previously been bound to a rock with a stone set to the rock to which he was chained.

In Prometheus' honor, people began wearing rings.

In ancient Greece, rings always had their meaning and symbolism, it was believed that many rings also have the magical power they confer on their wearer.

Types of rings with meaning (Wikipedia source) :
  • graduation ring - proves that the person in question belongs to graduates of a certain school, most often a university
  • identification ring - usually military, marked with a unit number and the number or name of the wearer so that he can be identified in the event of death
  • seal ring - is a symbol of office / personal status and serves to confirm the authenticity of the document (sealing )
  • official ring - binds to a specific function or job, for example: purity ring - declares a commitment to Christian sexual abstinence until marriage
  • credential ring - a ring with a sign that the bearer (often a diplomat) can use to prove his credentials some mission or service
  • fishing ring - or the ring of St. Peter, the sealing ring formerly used by the Pope
  • cardinal ring, bishop's ring, abbey ring
  • rosary ring - is an aid to facilitate rosary prayer, in some areas it can also be taken as Catholic symbol
  • wedding ring - declares a commitment of the wearer who may be married or married. a monk promised to God
  • engagement ring or engagement - declares that its wearer is engaged or promised to another person < / span>
  • Jewish wedding ring - the couple will use it at the wedding ceremony, but it is not worn
  • federal ring - determines membership in an association, club or organization, < / li>
  • love or sentimental ring - a gift from a loved one, decorated with a love motif or a love inscription
  • ring - an order or decoration (such as the Honorary Ring of the City of Vienna), proving victory or heroic mourning ring - warning or funeral, Memento mori, German Totenkopfring, often decorated with jet or black enamel, with a skull with crossbones.
  • war ring - heroes
  • Stanley Cup winner's ring
  • Super Bowl ring

How to determine your ring size

When choosing a ring, you need to choose the right size. Jewelers determine it according to measuring rings. At home, you can determine your size using a string or a strip of paper that you wrap around your finger and then measure. This will find out the circumference of your finger on which you want to wear the ring, and then you can further orient yourself in sizes according to our table given at rings HERE.

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