20s fashion and Charleston

Looking for something to wear at the Big Gatsby themed party in the style of 20. a 30. lé ta?

Or you need a costume style Charleston or also called First Republic costumes . You will find all this and much more with us.

And as these dresses have returned to fashion, many of our professional Latino dance dresses are tailored for these 20th-century costume occasions.

1920s Fashion

The post-war period brings huge relaxation. For women, this time was literally a breakthrough, they gained voting rights after the war, they can earn (and spend) their money, they can study freely, go to bars, smoke and behave defiantly. Various earlier social taboos are falling. Women can make up and dress up significantly.

The fashion of the 1920s is very relaxed, comfortable, the so-called boy's cut is preferred and girls with a boyish figure are preferred.

The famous Coco Chanel (real name Gabrielle Chanel born in 1883 in France) arrives on the scene, who was a French fashion designer who throws away women's petticoats and corsets and is considered the greatest personality in the field of creating a modern woman's wardrobe.

Coco Chanel caused a huge revolution in the clothing industry and its established fashion companies had over 3,500 employees in the 1930s.

One of their quotes was inspired by this e-shop and it reads:

"You can buy fashion, but you have to have style." Coco Chanel

20s-style dresses and accessories

The dress has been significantly shortened since the 1920s and most often reaches to the knees. Deep necklines and a loose back and under the dress a bra that flattens the bust but in the middle with the tip so that the breasts have a small but pointed shape.

The dresses are most often decorated with fringes and sequins or lace and strass. Long necklaces made of artificial pearls are worn loosely or tied in knots. Various decorated headbands over the forehead, feather ornaments, exotic bracelets on the hands, forearms and arms. Also popular are boa made of feathers or fur hanging loosely over the shoulders, satin gloves are also popular. The shoes are worn on a lower comfortable heel with a strap around the ankle to keep them well on their feet when dancing. The most popular dances of this time are Charleston and Shimmy.

The boyish look stands out even more in the 20s hairstyle , the 20s ala hairstyle was smooth, short , most often woven in front with a wave, sharply finished and bordered to accentuate a distinctly made-up face.

So what to wear?

For your perfect outfit for a 20s style party, we recommend choosing fringe dresses according to your preference - find HERE . Our dresses are not carnival, it is a professional dance garment, the dress is elastic in all directions, sewn with elastic thread and with cuts comfortable for dancing. They are primarily made for Latin-American dances, but their cut also fits perfectly into the fashion style of the 20s.


You can headband , which you will have freely in your forehead, HERE.

Exotic bracelets can be found HERE.

Long necklaces can be found HERE.

Alternatively, decorations around the hull can be found HERE.

Dance comfortable shoes on a smaller wedge with a strap around the ankle can be found HERE.

Feather ornaments (fans, boa, etc.) find HERE.

We wish you a lot of fun, with us you will certainly be the star of the party :-)

And if you send us a photo of what it looked like in the goods from us, we will send you a beautiful gift as our thank you.

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